In July of 2012, I was invited to create a customized Tequila bottle for the Pro Agave convention by my good friend  and fellow artist, Alfonso de Anda. The theme that immediately jumped into my head is that feeling that drinking shots of tequila induces for myself. It’s something I might compare to a chicken with it’s head recently cut off… a burning feeling followed by the need to run around. I utilized collaged imagery I shot throughout the year combined with paint pen illustrating an image of salt raining from a shaker and lime onto a severed chicken head. An agave plant supports the head from the back while salt fills the container halfway up. All art was featured in the Siete 50 publication shown here.

siete50_2 siete50_3 siete50_4siete50-web-stationary-2-130607130623siete50-web-stationary-6-130607130738