A show hosted by myself and two other photographers at Con Artist Gallery for skaters and skater types on my birthday, November third in 2012. The show also premiered Alex Gomez’s second skate video, Dusty. Half of all proceeds went to fund feature build outs at the local DIY, Clemente.

Potty Trained is an evaluative look at what it means to grow up. Is it what we are trained to know, or is there more than what our parents taught us? Is it a defining moment, an age, or an ever-developing process of learning from mistakes? Sometimes you have to get your feet wet by pissing in the wind, but most of the time, shit just happens. Life, like skateboarding, is all about learning the trick to staying on your feet, or getting up to do it again when you fall on your ass. This, we call training.”

The first four images are pieces from my personal entries along with supporting graphics I did for promotion, while the other images are photos taken by Michael Willis at the gallery opening party.


pottytrained_1  pottytrained_2 pottytrained_3 pottytrained_4 pottytrained_5

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